Growing a premier remodeling business takes more than winning bids and pounding nails

In today's fast paced and ever changing world adaptability and resilience are crucial for remodelers and contractors to thrive while their peers struggle to stay in business.

Pro-Level Contractors

Aligning with the right coach or consultant when times are good provides pro-level contractors a critical edge many less savvy competitors typically ignore.

Ford Matthews

        1-on-1 coaching client

I'm having the best year in ten years.  Just got a big win.  Signed a $169,000 contract.

Tim Meuchel

Why Trade Up Consulting?

My name is Tim Meuchel. After graduating with an engineering degree from Virginia Tech I spent twelve years cutting my teeth in the private sector, managing large commercial construction projects from coast-to-coast. In 2007, I started my own construction company and spent the next decade focusing primarily on residential and light commercial remodeling.

This led to the publishing of my first book, The 10 Factor, which reverse engineered the actual steps I took in my own business to provide other business owners a 10-month program and blueprint for success.

Sara Rowan

Tim was a great resource ...

"Tim was a great resource when I was ready to make a career change. Not long before it was my turn, I had watched Tim completely restructure his company's focus in just a few months' time."

Sara Rowan  //  Textile Consultant

Mark Lack

With this blueprint ...

"With this blueprint you can take your business to new levels while at the same time freeing up your most valuable asset -- your time."

MARK LACK  //  Founder of Shorten the Gap & Host of Business Rockstars

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What People Are Saying

Jeri Hannon - Award Winning Realtor

 Jeri Hannon 

 Award Winning Realtor 

Tim's creativity is what helps him expand his business in both upward and outward directions and it is his determination that I believe leads to his continued success.

Eileen O'Brien - Attorney

 Eileen O'Brien 


Tim's approach and his attention to detail are comprehensive, thoughtful, and inventive. He is an excellent guide for anyone seeking to navigate uncharted waters.

The 10 Factor Book Cover

Peter Voogd

Founder of the Game Changers Academy

Tim's blueprint filters out the noise so you can focus on mastery as you take proven intentional steps to build a business around your lifestyle.

Tim has the roadmap ...

"Tim has the roadmap. It's proven to work, simplified to not overwhelm you and will help you get the momentum you need to be a big success."

AUSTIN NETZLEY  //  Best Selling Author & CEO of 2X

Prostate Cancer Awareness Ribbon

Tim actively supports the fight against prostate cancer

The 10 Factor, LLC prides itself on helping businesses with:

  • Business consultation and management services in the fields of branding, business strategy, and marketing
  • Preparing marketing strategies
  • Consulting in the fields of advertising, business strategy, and advertising
  • Conducting seminars and workshops in the fields of branding, business management, business strategy, and marketing

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